COCKBURN BRUCE – Mummy dust (1982)




Label True North

Format Vinyl LP                                                                  

Country USA

Released 1982

Genre/Style Folk Rock

Side A

1 Silver wheels

2 Loner ***

3 Joy will find a way

4 Thoughts on a rainy afternoon

5 It’s going down slow

Side B

1 The coldest night of the year **

2 Laughter

3 Red brother red sister **

4 You don’t have to play the horses

5 Dweller by a dark stream ***

6 All the diamonds in the world

Compilation con 4 inediti (lato A 2 – lato B 1/3/5)

Cockburn punta su canzoni prevalentemente acustiche, melodiche, serene, a volte con sfumature jazz a completamento del tutto.

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